Do you love what you do – as an artist, creative, maker, coach or healer –
but you’re not sure where to start in growing your business?

Does it feel like you are lost in Amazon, Facebook, Instagram…?

Do the thought of click-funnels make you want to crawl back into your teepee?

Warriors At Work offers short courses and a network for warriors who need to:

  • Get clear on their business strategy and fine-tune their ideas with practical planning and action tools
  • Identify and build their brand
  • Develop an effective marketing strategy on a shoestring budget
  • Grow a tribe of loyal customers and clients
  • Develop a content strategy to grow engagement and convert leads into sales

Each course is designed to be interactive, so you can work on your business while you learn at the same time.

If you are not sure if Warriors at Work is right for you, just message us for more information.


Current Courses

There are no courses currently available.